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Unless you're one of the few that LOVE being in front of the camera, you're likely among the majority of us that feel awkward, insecure, and avoid getting your own photo taken at all cost.  Trust me, I feel your pain ~ I am much more comfortable behind the lens than in front of it! 


I can help you work through this experience, by turning the photo shoot into a flow shoot.  Together, we will co-create the images that you are desiring.  We will go from an awkward and vulnerable start, with me introducing you to the big ol’ intimidating camera, and you introduce me to your vulnerabilities ~ and before you know it, we will be shooting in a flow of good hearted authentic energy!  By showing you the images that are being captured, while we are capturing them, we will work through all of your concerns each step of the way. 


Together we will shift the focus to the beautiful person that you ARE and create an overall empowering experience, which in turn, will yield the images you are looking for! :)