My Double-Wide Story


My Double-Wide Story began in April of 2010.  After undergoing a plethora of life changing events, I started to hone in on the tiny, intuitive knowing that I had faintly felt, yet resisted, most of my life.  


In April of 2010, that knowing led me to a Double-Wide manufactured house, down by the river, in Waverly Iowa.  Everything about the place contradicted what I ‘thought’ I was looking for, "It's a manufactured home, what a terrible investment... there's no basement, tornadoes are a threat in Iowa... it's by the river, crazy people that want their house to flood live by the river... and WHY Waverly?"  But when I sat on the swing in the backyard, left behind by the previous owner, the endless chatter of doubtful critiquing and pain-focused thinking subsided, and that intuitive knowing was crystal clear.  That was the moment my life began to shift, I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but this time I was determined to follow this knowing.  


After an eight month process of facing my fears, doubts, and habits of resistance, as well as multiple housing loan challenges (all while driving from Waterloo to Waverly, EVERY SINGLE DAY, to sit in the ‘Faith-Swing') I successfully moved into the Double-Wide.  This chapter marked the beginnings of a new way of living for me.  I set out on a journey in search for self ~ but what I discovered was INFINITELY BIGGER than me. 


The animals, nature, and river in my backyard, have been a form of therapy that has helped me shift away from lies, doubts, and endless mind-chatter, and rather guide me to Truth, Source, God, the Vortex of all existence.  Trials of life still come my way, but I move through them much differently now.  That little knowing voice has grown Doubly-Wide, and I’ve grown into alignment with some pretty amazing people and experiences, one of which includes marrying my soulmate in the backyard on August 13th, 2016!


My business endeavors have also evolved to a new place.  I’ve been shooting portrait photography since the year 2000 (my business was called Angel Photo & Design), my original focus was high-school seniors, families, and weddings.  I’m trusting that knowing, yet once again, while I transition into this new chapter with a new focus on my own photography/artwork, as well as photography and design services for other small businesses and purpose driven individuals with SOULful Double-Wide stories of their own!  


Welcome to Double-Wide Design!